29 - 31 March 2023

3rd COST Harmonis@tion Adrenal Tumor Master Class

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Adrenal tumor masterclass - Clinical

March 29, 2023

4.00 p.m.
Eva Ortega

Ethics in adrenal tumor research

4.30 p.m.
Letizia Canu

Management of metastatic PPGL

5.15 p.m.
Alessandro Prete

Adrenal incidentaloma – news and views

6.00 p.m.
Jaap Deinum

Current strategies in case finding of PA

6.45 p.m.

End of session

Adrenal tumor masterclass – Clinical / Translational

March 30, 2023

4.00 p.m.
Rossella Libé

Current management of patients with advanced ACC

4.45 p.m.
Cristina Ronchi

Molecular testing for future ACC management

5.30 p.m.

End of session

Adrenal tumor masterclass - Data management

March 31, 2023

4.00 p.m.
Sara Casati / Michaela Th. Mayrhofer

ELSI considerations: data management, code of conduct and EHDS

5.00 p.m.
Antoine Neuraz

Data sharing – problems and solutions

5.45 p.m.

End of session



COST is an EU funding programme that enables researchers to set up their interdisciplinary research networks in Europe and beyond. We provide funds for organising conferences, meetings, training schools, short scientific exchanges or other networking activities in a wide range of scientific topics. By creating open spaces where people and ideas can grow, we unlock the full potential of science.


Harmonis@tion aims to constitute a multidisciplinary network to harmonize clinical care and research on adrenal tumours throughout Europe with a focus on COST Inclusiveness Target Countries. In addition, this collaborative network will establish a modern framework to develop a new generation of real-time and real-life randomized clinical trials, which will be federated and registry-based.

Action Details

Start of Action: 28/09/2021

End of Action: 27/09/2025

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